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bl-icon February 08, 2021
bl-icon By: Digital Division

Wet basements are a nuisance. Not only do they mess up your house but also invite a whole lot of other problems. Soggy carpets, cracks in the basement floor, and ruined furniture are the least of your worries. Basement waterproofing mistakes lead to wet basements that can create safety issues for you in your own house. Mold infestation is also a possibility which itself is a major health hazard.

In short, you can’t ignore wet basements, they must be fixed ASAP! But how do they happen in the first place? This article will detail some of the most common basement waterproofing mistakes on the part of homeowners that lead to wet basements:

Basement Waterproofing Mistake #1: Procrastination

One of the worst things homeowners do when they notice foundation damage is to brush it off as “not so bad.” This choice always backfires because this “not so bad” foundation damage will worsen to become a major nuisance before you know it.

Moisture will soon find its way in and you’ll wind up with a wet basement. Don’t delay matters; take charge immediately and call the professionals at Foundation Solutions Group to get the problem fixed.

Mistake #2: Quick Draining After Flood/Heavy Rain

Floods and heavy rains can bring in a lot of water inside your basement. Most people tend to drain their basements immediately, and while this may seem like a reasonable practice, it is not the case in reality. In such conditions, there is usually a high moisture content on the outside of the wall as well.

If you completely drain the inside, then nothing would counter the pressure of the external moisture. This can lead to severe damage to the wall, leading to the appearance of cracks and a wet basement.

Seek expert help when dealing with such a dilemma (to drain or not to, and if yes then how exactly?)

Mistake #3: Improper Drying

Sometimes, your basement can have moisture in it without foundation damage. If there was a flood and you did not drain the water properly, then a hint of moisture will remain inside, and that may be enough to cause you some serious pain.

Moisture and mold are the two words that you don’t wish to hear in one sentence, but you will if you don’t dehumidify your basement after draining it. Use fans and dedicated dehumidifiers to get the job done and remove anything that may house moisture.

Mistake #4: Not Fixing Leaks/Foundation Damage Properly

If you do come across foundation damage or plumbing leaks in your basement walls, don’t ask a random ‘wanna-be’ to fix it up for a few bucks. You must always call in professionals to take care of such delicate tasks with surgical precision.

An inadequate repair is just as good as not getting a repair in the first place.

Foundation Solutions Group Is Your Best Bet For Fixing Basement Waterproofing Mistakes

You cannot ignore wet basements if you wish to live in your home. Moisture seeping into your basement is not only annoying, but it is also unsafe. A wet basement can be a minor problem now, but unless you act promptly and get things fixed, you can’t expect them to get any better.

Many people are intimidated by the task at hand because they can’t afford it.

Not to worry, because the team at Foundation Solutions Group offers premium-level services for fairly affordable rates. The sooner you call us over to check out the damage, the better. We will ensure not only that your wet basement gets back to normal but also that it doesn’t get soiled again.

On your end, you can avoid the common mistakes we mentioned above.

Give us a call, and we’ll handle the rest!