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bl-icon June 12, 2024
bl-icon By: Shaun Miller
Shaun behind the desk with a picture of a crawl space encapsulation behind him

Why You Can’t Get A Crawlspace Encapsulation Estimate Over the Phone

At Foundation Solutions Group, we often receive calls from homeowners asking for a quick estimate over the phone for crawl space encapsulation or repair. While we understand the desire for immediate answers, providing an accurate estimate without an in-person inspection is simply not feasible. In our latest video, Sean from Solutions University explains why this is the case and highlights the importance of a thorough crawlspace inspection.

The Importance of In-Person Inspections

Crawl spaces vary widely in their conditions and complexities. An accurate estimate requires a detailed understanding of several factors that can’t be assessed over the phone. Here are the key reasons why an in-person inspection is essential:

Crawl Space Height

  • The height of your crawl space significantly impacts the difficulty and cost of encapsulation. Spaces less than 17 inches high are particularly challenging and labor-intensive, increasing the overall cost.
  • Tight, low-height crawl spaces require more labor and specialized techniques to ensure a proper encapsulation, making a visual inspection crucial.

Previous Vapor Barrier Installation

  • If your crawlspace has never had a vapor barrier, there’s a high likelihood of elevated wood moisture levels, wood rot, and mold.
  • Assessing the extent of moisture damage and the condition of the wood requires a hands-on inspection to determine the necessary repairs and encapsulation approach.

Wood Moisture and Condition

  • Homeowners often don’t know the moisture content of their crawlspace wood. Our inspectors measure this to understand the degree of moisture and potential damage.
  • High moisture levels can lead to wood rot and mold, necessitating repairs such as installing sister joists or replacing compressed wood shims.

Structural Issues

  • Some homes may have structural issues that need addressing before encapsulation. Inspectors look for signs of wood compression, which is more common in homes without a stable vapor barrier.
  • Identifying the need for additional support or repairs (e.g., sister joists, jacks) upfront ensures a more effective and lasting encapsulation.

Why Detailed Inspections Matter

Providing an accurate estimate involves understanding all these factors and more. Our inspectors evaluate every corner of your crawlspace to ensure we address all potential issues before installing a vapor barrier. This approach prevents surprises later and ensures the encapsulation process is smooth and effective.

Benefits of a Thorough Inspection

  • Accurate Cost Estimates: By thoroughly inspecting your crawl space, we can provide a detailed and accurate estimate, avoiding unexpected costs later.
  • Comprehensive Solutions: Identifying and addressing all issues upfront ensures the encapsulation is done right the first time, providing long-term protection and satisfaction.
  • Peace of Mind: Knowing that professionals have assessed and planned your crawl space encapsulation gives you confidence in the quality and effectiveness of the work.

While it might be tempting to seek a quick estimate over the phone, the complexities of crawl space encapsulation necessitate a thorough in-person inspection. At Foundation Solutions Group, our goal is to ensure your home receives the highest quality care and protection. Watch our video to learn more about the importance of crawl space inspections and contact us today to schedule your inspection and receive a detailed, accurate estimate.

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