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Concrete Leveling Services in South Central Kentucky & Middle Tennessee

One thing all homeowners in South Central Kentucky & Middle Tennessee have in common is that somewhere on their property is a concrete slab. From porches and driveways to walkways and house floors, concrete slabs are a universal component in housing. Over time, concrete slabs will move, sink, and settle into the ground. When a slab settles or sinks, it can cause problems for your home. From a leaky basement and water damage to rotting and structural issues, an uneven slab of concrete can lead to serious damage — and costly repair bills. That’s when you’ll need concrete lifting services!

Removing and replacing a concrete slab can be inconvenient and costly, but at Foundation Solutions Group, we can help you avoid both of these issues with our convenient and cost-effective concrete lifting/leveling services. Our comprehensive selection of concrete lifting and poly lifting solutions for South Central Kentucky & Middle Tennessee residents includes:

Wherever Your Concrete Has Settled, We Have the Expertise to Restore It

It is not uncommon for concrete to settle, causing an unsightly appearance, tripping hazards or even structural instability. However, you do not have to tolerate these issues. At Foundation Solutions Group, we specialize in lifting, leveling, and raising concrete surfaces, which allows us to restore them with ease.

Our team will work with you to create a personalized treatment plan for your specific situation, whether you need to fix your driveway, sidewalk, garage floor, or another surface. You can say goodbye to the inconvenience and danger of uneven concrete and say hello to a stable and level solution with Foundation Solutions Group.

Driveway Leveling

Your driveway may seem like a minor part of your house, but it is the first thing that welcomes you and your guests. A bumpy and uneven driveway not only looks unappealing, but it also makes it difficult to drive on and park your car. If you take pride in your house and want it to look perfect, having a level and usable driveway is essential.

At Foundation Solutions Group, our team of experts understands the importance of a smooth driveway, and we can help you with driveway leveling. We can raise your driveway back into place so that you can drive in and out of your home without any hassle.

Sidewalk and Walkway Leveling

Uneven sidewalks are not only an eyesore, but they can also be a danger to your and your community’s health and safety. From a minor stumble to a severe injury, tripping and falling due to an uneven sidewalk can have consequences that extend far beyond just a few scrapes and bruises.

At Foundation Solutions Group, we understand the importance of safe and accessible sidewalks, which is why we offer expert sidewalk and walkway leveling services. With our state-of-the-art technology and experienced technicians, we can quickly and efficiently level your sidewalk, ensuring that it’s both visually appealing and safe for all to use. Don’t wait until an injury occurs – let us help you make your sidewalk pristine again.

Concrete Floor Leveling

Uneven floors can be a real problem for everyone. They not only cause inconvenience but can also be dangerous in some cases. That’s why we offer our exceptional concrete floor leveling services in South Central Kentucky & Middle Tennessee.

At Foundation Solutions Group, we believe every person deserves a floor that is as even as the horizon line. Our team of experts can level anything from your basement floor to your garage floor and everything in between. Don’t let a bumpy floor bring you down, contact us for a smooth and safe solution.

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Common Problems Fixed by Concrete Lifting

There are a number of problems homeowners face when dealing with a sinking or settling concrete slab. When a slab becomes uneven, it can cause water to run towards your home rather than away from it. This results in problems like moisture accumulation and even flooding.

If not taken care of, moisture intrusion can cause more serious problems in your home. Excess moisture in your basement can lead to issues like mold growth, and even structural damage if the wood begins to rot. By returning your concrete slab to its proper position, water will flow away from your home as it should, reducing the risk of moisture intrusion.


Our Concrete Leveling Techniques

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Are you tired of having to step over that uneven section of your concrete driveway every time you come home? Or perhaps the uneven sidewalk leading up to your door is becoming a safety hazard. Whatever the case may be, our team is here to provide you with a simple and effective solution. We offer concrete lifting, leveling, and raising services that can restore your concrete slabs to their former glory. Don't let the hassle of uneven concrete ruin your curb appeal or become a tripping hazard. Contact us today for a comprehensive quote. We are proud to serve Bowling Green, the rest of Kentucky, and Tennessee.

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