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When you experience problems with your home, understanding how to fix the problems can be a bit overwhelming. We see a world where we fix it right the first time; use the highest quality materials; train our employees to deliver the best customer experience; and offer a permanent solution we stand behind.


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Our Goal at Foundation Solution Group is simple: Provide exceptional customer service, offer comprehensive solutions for your home to keep it safe, and get the job done right, the first time. Hear what our customers have to say about our service.


"Foundation Solutionworks came in and took care of the mold, radon, and the water and designed a system that was top shelf. Shaun showcased his knowledge and experience by sharing things other companies never even noticed or mentioned. He explained thoroughly where the water came from and why the previous system failed. We absolutely made the right choice of calling Foundation Solutionworks this time around. "

The Jenkins Family – Plano, KY .

"When deciding to list and sell our house, we needed to find a contractor to fix a water issue that had plagued our house for the twenty years we had lived in it. We hired Foundation Solutionworks and we were blown away by their work and professionalism. Foundation Solutionworks is a top-notch company that will get the job done. "

Adam C. – Tompkinsville, KY.

"After spending large amounts of money on foundation repairs from many different companies, I was still having issues with water entering the crawlspace. Foundation Solutionworks was the only company to propose fully encapsulating the crawl space and installing a sump pump. The proposed plan was implemented and finally ended the moisture issues I was experiencing. Why had no other company proposed this? Foundation Solutionworks gave us a full-service experience that is unmatched in the market. "

Rodney W. – Russelville, KY.

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The team at Foundation Solutions Group is committed to providing exceptional service. We stand behind our work and want our customers to be confident the job was done the right way. We will cover our warranty information during our consultation.

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