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Crawl Space Repair Services in Bowling Green, Kentucky

At Foundation Solutions Group, we specialize in repairing crawl spaces and crawl space foundations in South Central Kentucky, Middle Tennessee, and the surrounding areas. Our professional team of crawl space contractors offers various crawl space services to ensure that your home’s foundation is solid and durable.

We provide sump pump installations and insulation to prevent water damage and other issues that can arise from neglected crawl spaces. If you want to discover how resilient your crawl space can be, get in touch with us for a free estimate. Choose Foundation Solutions Group as your go-to crawl space company for comprehensive crawl space waterproofing and repair services.

Our Crawl Space Repair Services

At Foundation Solutions Group, we excel in providing unbeatable crawl space services. Our experienced crawl space contractors understand that every crawl space is unique and offer custom-tailored solutions to meet your specific needs.

Premier Crawl Space Repair

Entrust your crawl space repair needs to us! We specialize in encapsulation, insulation, access doors/wells installation, dehumidifiers, and sump pumps.

Total Crawl Space Waterproofing and Protection

Our crawl space waterproofing services include encapsulation, dehumidifier, and sump pump installations, as well as French drain installation.

Vents and Doors

Improve your crawl space ventilation with our vent covers, smart vents, high-quality doors, and access wells.

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Common Crawl Space Problems in Bowling Green, Kentucky

If you see signs of crawl space damage or worrying changes in your home, don’t wait–give the experienced professionals at Foundation Solutions Group a call today and schedule an inspection!

  • Sagging Floors: Often a result of moisture damage, rot, or structural issues in the crawl space.
  • Mold Growth: High humidity and damp conditions in the crawl space can lead to mold growth.
  • Wet Insulation: Water seepage or high humidity can cause insulation in the crawl space to become wet, reducing its effectiveness.
  • Standing Water: Poor drainage or water leaks can lead to pools of standing water in the crawl space.
  • Wood Rot: Persistent moisture can cause wood in the crawl space to rot, compromising the structural integrity of the house.
  • Floor Joist Issues: Moisture or pest damage can cause problems with the floor joists, which support the weight of your home.
  • High Humidity: Damaged crawl spaces can often have higher levels of humidity, leading to a range of problems including mold, rot, and pest infestations.
  • Musty Odors: Poor ventilation or water damage can lead to musty smells emanating from the crawl space.
  • Difficulty Heating or Cooling Your Home: Problems in the crawl space can affect the overall energy efficiency of your home.
  • Cracks in Brick, Walls, or Block: Structural issues in the crawl space can lead to visible cracks in the walls or foundation of your home.
  • Sump Pump Failures: If your crawl space has a sump pump to manage water, failures can lead to flooding or water damage.
  • Leaky Pipes: Plumbing issues can cause water leaks in your crawl space, leading to various moisture-related problems.
  • Loose or Bouncing Floors: Structural issues in the crawl space can lead to instability in the floors of your home.


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Our Crawl Space Repair Solutions

At Foundation Solutions Group, we provide trusted crawl space repair solutions that are sure to elevate the structural safety and energy efficiency of your home. We offer specialized solutions that cater to your home’s specific needs. Experience improved home longevity and comfortable living with our robust crawl space solutions.

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