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We have all heard some excuse when the door is sticking that its because its “an old home” or that “settlement over time is normal.” At Foundation Solutions Group, we know that a door or window sticking could be from foundation settlement, but that it is not normal. Foundations are the most important thing about a home; it should be secure, never settling. Call our team today for an evaluation of your home or commercial space to understand the root of your visible damage and fix the problems your foundation is facing.

Coordinate An Inspection Of Your Property

Our experienced team is happy to coordinate an inspection of your property to understand if the signs you are seeing relate to foundation issues. Some of the common problems that indicate your Bowling Green, KY home has foundation problems include:

  • Floor and wall gaps
  • Bowing walls
  • Uneven floors
  • Interior and exterior cracking
  • Sticking doors or windows

It is best to have these signs evaluated early before your property sustains major damage from an eroding foundation. Call our team today to schedule an evaluation for your home. We’ll get to the bottom of your foundation problems and come up with a solution that not only fixes the damage, but makes sure the problem never comes back! Get your free quote today and put foundation damage in the past.

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