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Crawl Space Solutions Bowling Green, KY

Whether your crawl space has been eroding for years or is showing first signs of an issue, it is a necessary component of a building’s structural integrity. At Foundation Solutions Group we work with you to diagnose the issues and develop an economical, effective solution for your crawl space needs. Our team is skilled in crawl space encapsulation, insulation, installation of sump pumps and dehumidifiers, doors and access wells, smart vents and vent covers, wood fungus and insect prevention and French drain systems. No matter the damage, our professionals go beyond repair working to ensure the area will evade damage in the future, so you can rest easy knowing your crawl space be solid for years to come.

Encapsulation – Installing a vapor barrier to the walls and floor of a crawl space to eliminate the opportunity for water to enter as well as the process of wicking away any moisture in the space which protects from mold and mildew.

Wall & Floor Insulation -We utilize WeatherBloc which is a specialized radiant reflective insulation that helps promote higher energy efficiency to reduce heating and cooling costs. It also rids away pests and rodents and doesn’t support mold growth.

Doors & Access Walls – These waterproof doors are built to withstand the environment and uphold to rust and mold.

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Floor stabilizers for crawl space repair

crawl space stabilizer

Does your home have a crawl space? It is important to keep it healthy! A damaged crawl space will only result in more detrimental repairs down the road if it is not maintained. At Foundation Solutions Group we offer our client’s a trusted permanent solution with Grip-Tite’s Crawl Space Stabilizer. A crawl space stabilizer provides support to sagging floor joists and unsupported beams within your crawl space. Restore your home’s health today with Foundation Solutions Group. Contact us to learn more about our industry leading crawl space services!

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